Cooking Classes

Welcome to Ambra's Kitchen cooking classes! We are going to start with a super classic! Fresh pasta


But not just a normal fresh will learn how to make some amazing ravioli and their filling!

Ravioli - Fresh pasta making Classes in small group - Italian cooking at its best   Trustpilot 5 star review,Italian food, Ambra's Kitchen Fresh Pasta lesson - Learn how to make ravioli

Only two dates for now and small groups 4-6 people.

The cost is  only £55 and you should expect:

- 3 to 3 and half hours of absolute fun! (from 9 am till noon or a bit later if needed)

- bring home a main course for two people (Celebrating St. Valentine? or hating the idea of it and simply want to eat well at home? You will be sorted!)

- a friendly and relaxed environment, in my personal kitchen in East Dulwich (whether you are an expert in cooking or a novice, you will have plenty of opportunity to learn and enjoy, and cook like you would in your own kitchen!)

 Full recipes for the pasta and the 2 amazing fillings (planning for one filling with butternut squash and one with meat (we will make decision on fillings together with participants to tailor for dietary needs and taste preferences) 


We are really sorry there is no more space for these classes. If interested though, please click here and get in touch as more spaces may free up due to cancellation or we may open up another date for this!  

 By the way, we already 2 people who have asked us for a Fresh Gnocchi class, but  we need a minimum of 4, to keep the cost at £55, do get in touch and let us know if you are interested and we'll find a date that works for all of you!