We are back with our local weekly deliveries! ...and of course always ready to cook for your private or corporate parties!
We are back with our local weekly deliveries! ...and of course always ready to cook for your private or corporate parties!
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I don't have a microwave, can I heat up the jars in another way?

We recommend using a microwave because it is the fastest way to heat up our dishes,and our jars are safe for microwave use (including the metal clips!).

But of course you can also heat up your meal in the oven (just remove the rubber seal first)! Click on your product online and its description contains not only the ingredients but also suggested time and temperature for heating up in the oven.  


How many minutes should I be heating up the jar for?

The product description of each dish will contain that information, whether you are using a microwave or oven. If you forgot to look it up, feel free to reply to our email confirmation and we'll be happy to advise. 


Can you make a dish diary free or wheat free?

We can accommodate a gluten free parmigiana, or a diary free gnocchi dish or an Amatriciana without chillies. These are all possible :) Once you get your order confirmation through with any of these dishes, please reply to that email and let us know your request. We'll be happy to help!


Can the jars be frozen?

The glass jars resist at freezing temperature. We recommend freezing only the lasagne and parmigiana dishes. Please defrost slowly in the fridge and NOT by using a microwave. Glass is a material that would break with a sadden change of temperature (i.e. from freezer to hot water)!


Can you do family portions or cater for a party?

If you have a party for 4+ people, we can bring you a full tray of a specific dish or we can cater a different menu for 6+ people. The food in this case will not be vacuum sealed.  It will be freshly made for your occasion and will last a couple of days in the fridge. If interested, send a message through our contact page, we'd love to hear from you!

For a 12+ people party I will be happy to come and cook at your place! We love parties! Once we understand your requirements we will propose a few options for a tailored menu.


 Do you add additives or preservatives in your dishes?


Be aware that in some rare case, some of the ingredients we use may contain a small amount, that would be mentioned in the label and in our product description.