Lou's Birthday Menu


I am delighted that you have chosen to celebrate this special occasion with Ambra' Kitchen! You are set for a fantastic menu!


I will deliver the following menu for 8 people:

  • A Selection of 3 canapés (£7.5): 1) large prawn marinated in lime with cucumber, handmade mayonnaise and courgette leaf; 2) Parma and mango canape, 3) bresaola ham with raisins and pine nuts
  • Braised Oxtail (£16) (this dish is slow cooked for 3 and half hours with wine and vegetables)
  • Sides of: mash potatoes and green salad  (£2 and £2)
  • Dessert (£5.5) : A Pavlova cake with mixed berries and a handmade chocolate salami  (contains walnuts)

The menu contains the following allergens: seafood, eggs, sulphites, walnuts, pine nuts, milk, wheat, celery

 We were notified of no allergies to wheat, eggs, nuts, diary, or fish. Only one person with a severe poppy seed allergy. Please get in touch right away if you become aware of other allergies


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Thank you for choosing to celebrate with Ambra's Kitchen!