Catering for Catherine


Hi Catherine,

We look forward to cook for your family and your guests!!

Please click on the image below to process the £378 payment (2/3 of the estimated cost of £567):



We will cook the following:


-for 13 adults: Prawn with poppy seeds served on cucumber, Slow cook aubergine with crunchy peanut butter sauce and freshly made "pizzette del bar"

for 6 kids: freshly made "pizzette del bar"


12 portions of Drunk Ragu' Lasagne

7 portions of Moussaka

A mixture of 1) Green leaves salads and 2) watermelon and feta salad for 19 people

Tiramisu' for 19 people 

Allergens: Wheat, Diary, Sulphites, Celery, Prawns, Eggs, Soya, Nuts and Soybeans, Sesame


Food will be served at your place on 14th May at 4:3/5pm.


Thank you for choosing to eat with Ambra's Kitchen!