Catering for Cordelia


Hey Cordelia,

We can't wait to celebrate with you! 

We'll prepare the menu for 22 people plus some extra pizzette for 2 kids

We'll get at your property at about 9 am on Sunday 30th January 2022. I will be there myself with another person, cooking for you, serving, cleaning up and assisting you till 2pm.

The total bill is estimated at £910. We haven't contacted suppliers yet, that's why this is an estimate but we don't expect significant difference to the final bill. Please kindly click on the image below and process the payment for 2/3 of this amount, i.e. £606. 

Canapes - Ambra's kitchen - food for parties - celebrate with private catering


1. Cone with Italian mixed charcuterie
2. Row cow cheese with Persimmon or Mango 
3. Risotto with mushrooms (shitake and dry porcini) 
4. Scallops gently cooked in oven with garlic, parsley, olive oil and bread crumbs
5. Pizzette del bar
6. Smoked salmon and cranberries
7. Burrata and pomegranate
8.Tortillas and guacamole
9. Slow cooked aubergine with crunchy peanut butter, topped with coriander (slightly sweet and yet lightly spicy too), served on a spoon
10. Tartlet with Sicilian Caponata
 11. Philo pastry triangles filled with feta cheese, beaten egg,  oregano and a drop of honey
12. Chorizo and roasted peppers skewers
13. Soft walnut meringues 
14. Sicilian ravioli
15. Madeleines



Thank you for choosing to eat with Ambra's Kitchen!



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