Catering for Rachel


Hi Rachel,

We look forward to cook for your family and your dearest guests!!

Please click on the image below to process the £1,387 payment (2/3 of the estimated cost of £2,080):



We will cook the following (exactly as per email already sent to you,, unless we mutually agree any changes before the event):

Starter: melon (chopped in bite sizes) and Parma ham (bowls for 45 of the 65 guests and buffalo mozzarella and peaches and mint for the remaining 20 (to ensure the vegetarians have a similar and equally yummy option)
Main: Aubergine parmigiana dish (each of the the slices in the aubergine layers will be pre-cut in the dish to allow guests to eat it without a knife)
Main: Drunk ragu' lasagna (it takes over 4 hours for us to make this dish, with a slow cooked ragu' with pork, lamb and beef meat, cooked with finely chopped vegetables and lots of cabernet sauvignon wine). We'll bring it precooked and to be reheated there so that it can be at its best in terms of taste and serving conditions. 
Desserts: Three pavlova cakes with mixed fruits, because they are beautiful and super tasty (with a crunchy and delicate meringue on the outside and super soft and so slightly chewy inside). This will serve about 24. For the remaining 41 guests there will be 4 trays of my Tiramisu' (It is fantastic. It won a Great taste Award and it's a perfect dessert for the warm season)
There will be 3 of us (myself included) being there for the occasion from 11:30 AM, possibly earlier, till 3:30 PM. We will be cooking, preparing the appetizer on the spot and plating all dishes (260 portions for 65 guests).
The main courses will be half of a  normal main portion each in size, to allow people to try them both or have double of what they enjoyed the most.

Allergens: Wheat, Milk, Sulphites (in the wine), Celery, Eggs

Food will be served at your place (168 Rosendale Road, London, SE21 8LG) from 1PM on Sunday 12th June.


Thank you for choosing to eat with Ambra's Kitchen!