May, June and July get booked up early for private parties catering. Don't miss out! Get in touch now and block your date.
May, June and July get booked up early for private parties catering. Don't miss out! Get in touch now and block your date.
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Old Catering

We'd love to cater for you! It is something we truly enjoy!


Get in touch to hear about our seasonally changing menu. We will provide you with delicious food and can recommend and help build your menu. We can even use your own pots and dishes so you can call our food your own!
Ambra's Kitchen Private Catering. Our Amazing pavlova will blow you away! 
For the Styling of your event we collaborate with ByVivi. She can make you table, garden or room look absolutely fantastic for the occasion!

We cater for small lunch/dinner parties (4+ people) in our area (East Dulwich, Dulwich, Herne Hill, Peckham, Forrest Hill)

For bigger events (12+) we can cater anywhere in London.

Whether it's a canapés (for 15 - 50 people) garden party or a wedding we'd love to make your celebration even more special!


If you have a party for 4+ people, we can bring you a full tray of a specific dish from our menu or we can cater a personalized menu for 6+ people.
The food in this case will not be vacuum sealed. It will be freshly made for your occasion and will last a couple of days in the fridge. If interested, send a message through our contact page, we'd love to hear from you!
For a 12-40 people party I will be happy to come and cook at your place! All the prep will be done in our kitchen, while the final cooking stage will be done at your place, to ensure top flavour and texture. You will be able to try some of my best dishes like Lobster linguine, Crab linguine, Burrata appetizers, Rolled Meringue with Dates and Walnuts and a lot more! Once we understand your requirements we will propose a few options for a tailored menu. If you want to see more images of our food, visit Ambra's Kitchen Instagram page.


Below is just an idea for you of our food prices (per person):

- Starters: £6.5-12 (from little pizzas to seafood)

- Pasta, Risotti and Lasagne Dishes: £8 - £15 

- Slow-cooked Meat Dishes with vegetable side dish: £12-15

- Lobster (yes, a whole lobster per person!): £25-35 depending on the time of the year

- Desserts: £6 - 10

- Canapes: £2-3 each (we recommend 4-6 for pre-dinner drinks. 8-10 for cocktail party)

Wonderful Italian food selection for your private catering event with Ambra's Kitchen


Send us a message through our contact page with your name, telephone number, date of event and number of people and we'll call you to discuss your idea. We'd love to make your party even more special!