Cooking Class 14 May
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Cooking Class 14 May

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Cooking Class Programme for 3 people (£300)

- Tomato base with Passata 
- Tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes 
- Ragu' sauce from scratch ( we will make lots of Ragu' so you can use it suring the week and also freeze some)
- Spaghetti with clams and spaghetti alla Carbonara (or clams and mussels) (you would eat these for lunch at my place)


800g of clams (£16)

Meat for Ragu' and Bacon (£12)

Vegetables  for Ragu 'and for fresh tomato sauce (£16)

Pasta, Passata, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc for coooking (£8)