Catering for Puneet
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Catering for Puneet

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This order includes as discussed:


2 staff (in addition to myself ) from 7:30 pm till  11:30pm

and 2 more during the canapes service = £180 total


20 bottle of wine as per your selectin = £444.6 plus £21 admin fee for alcohol license of the event

Canapes for 30 people (for £990)

Trout Tartare with burnt butter, pistachios, lemon and tarragon £3.8
Focaccia with Rib-eye steak and sweet onion chutney £3.70
Roasted Feta coated in black and white sesame seeds and dressed with lemon and maple Syrup served on a lettuce leaf £3.3 
Stracciatella cheese (creamier than burrata) with pomegranate or roasted pine nuts and lime infused courgettes (and olive oil and Maldon salt) £3.4 
Prawn on a cucumber slice with handmade mayo (NO poppy seeds) on a skewer £4
Feta, watermelon and mint on a prawn cracker with olive oil and Maldon salt £3 (black olives and red onions could also be added)
Italian shortcrust pastry with Parmesan cheese, handmade mayo and steam asparagus and a Parmesan Leaf £3.8
Puff pastry Palmiers with mushroom and garlic cream and green olives pate £3.50
Bamboo cone with Italian salami and bresaola (fennel salami and salame felino) and green olive and bread stick £4.5