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May, June and July get booked up early for private parties catering. Don't miss out! Get in touch now and block your date.
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Apple Strudel


This is a classic in Italy and the Trentino region is the most well known for this dessert, thanks also to the amazing apples from this area. Its origins are actually from Turkey, where they make a slightly sweeter and crunchier version with filo pastry.

For me, it brings back so many nice memories of skiing breaks in the Dolomites! I never had a skiing holiday in Italy without strudel on the slopes, but I guess that would not surprise those who know me well ;)

There are so many variations of this recipe! for you I have here described my favourite one, which is also super fast to make and some tips on how you can adapt it to your own taste. Enjoy!


1 puff pastry (fridge temperature)

2  large apples  (I use red juicy apples, like Cox, Gala or Pink Lady)

50 grams raisins (if they are quite dry, soak them in water (or a bit of Grappa) and then squeeze them dry and let them rest for 10 minutes

50 grams  of walnuts (in pieces)

1 tsp of cinnamon

2-3 tbsp of caster or brown sugar

2-3 tbsp of breadcrumbs

Sunflower oil to brush the top


Peel and chop the apples in small pieces. Mix them gently with your hands together with the other ingredients.

Lay down the rectangular puff pastry on a tray covered with baking parchement and pour gently in the middle the apple filling, making sure you leave at least a third of the dough  without the filling on each long side as well as an inch and a half on each of the short sides, so that you can easily wrap the dough. Once your filling is nicely wrapped you can gently turned it.   This is the only tricky bit. If you want you can place another tray with baking parchment on top of the strudel and carefully flip the two trays upside down,

Cut gently some lines on the top of the dough diagonally, one way first and then the other way, in order to obtain some diamond shapes.

Bake it in the oven for about 30 minutes at 180C. Let it cool. Cut  the sliced and gently warm them in the oven before serving.



Some adaptations:

I love this version of Strudel because it is just slightly sweet. If you like it a bit sweeter you can add icing sugar on the top, once reheated, or brush the dough with apricot jam before you place the filling on top. 

If you like spirits, you can soak the raising with a bit of Grappa or Rum which will give the strudel a nice aroma.

Finally, you can also use pine nuts instead of walnuts and add another small apple, if you would like a less crunchy version. 


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