OK...this is certainly not Italian! But can you blame me for loving pancakes?!?!?!?!

I adore them!!!

If you want a recipe that makes very fluffy pancakes, you are in the right place! This will not disappoint! And they are so fast and easy to make!!

In my house, they go religiously with some Canadian maple syrup on top (something my Canadian husband is very proud of)!

They can be plain, or you could add blueberries or apples in the dough, if you want to give them a twist (and even a touch of cinnamon with the apples).


Ingredients (recipe for 6 or 4 very hungry people if this is all you want to eat for brunch!):

Flour: 170 gr

Milk: 210 ml

Eggs: 5

A pinch of salt

Canadian maple syrup, of course!


Time for making the dough: 10-15 min

Time for cooking: 20 min in total for all of them


Separate the white from the yolks of all 5 eggs.

Mix the yolks, and then add to them the milk and the salt and mix well.

Add the flour to the yolk mixture but do this very gradually. If you combine the flour slowly as you add it, by using a whisk, you will easily avoid the formation of lumps. If you decide to add some fruits in the mixture I would incorporate the apples or blueberries now, before you add the egg whites.

Mix well the egg whites, until you have a firm foam. (it should stick to the mixer as you lift it up).

Incorporate the white eggs to the rest. Do this gradually with a third of the egg whites at a time. To incorporate do not mix in the usual clockwise way, but from top to bottom to top and use a metal spoon (not wooden).

Heat a pan at medium heat. Once hot add a small piece of butter (5 gr) just to ensure that the first pancakes won't stick. Lower the flame to low. Using a ladle gently pour the pancake mixture to form the pancakes on the pan. Flip the pancakes and cook on both sides.

These pancakes have no sugar. You can pour a bit of maple syrup on top of them to sweeten and fully enjoy them! (alternatively you can use honey, or even vanilla ice cream!)

Buon appetito!!


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