Why re-cycle when you can re-use?

Zero Waste

We love recycling and even more re-using, as it is the most environmentally friendly option! You can find many articles online about the benefit of reusing as a great sustainable solution for packaging.

link to Guardian article

link to One Green Planet

link to Eco & Beyond

We have done an incredible amount of research on glass packaging and chosen the absolute best for you!

Our jars are:

  • resistant in microwave (yes, even the metal clips), resistant in the oven (just take off the rubber seal first)
  • made of glass and guaranteed without bisphenol, phthalate, lead, and PVC
  • allow for vacuum sealing, for a natural preservation without the need of added preservatives (check if the rubber tongue is pointing down, that's a sign of a good stable seal!)

Glass does no like a very sudden change in temperature (i.e. from freezer straight to microwave or from oven straight into cold water). If that occurs, it will cause structural stress, irreversibly, and the properties of the material will change. If you ever experience one of our jars shuttering when heated, it was properly caused by a thermal shock by a previous user. Don't worry, just get in touch with us through our contact page. We'll ask you to send us a picture and we'll give you another meal at no cost.

  • We'll help you reusing the jars. Hand them over at our next home delivery. We'll give you a £1 voucher for every jar returned!

Alternatively, reuse them yourself, if you have fallen in love with them like us! And please share with us your great ideas on how to best reuse them (i.e. home canning, tea candle lights, soap dispenser...) on IG #ambraskitchenjars

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